Receipt organizing service

The Receipt Butler – Receipt Organizing service

Simplicity means not having to stress over your papers! Our receipt organizing service will organize a year's worth of your small biz receipts in a stylish filing system with an electronic back up meeting CRA requirements for your peace of mind. We will also offer you guidance with a custom report to ensure nothing is missed once we've reviewed your files. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your paper monster, let our butler service do the work for you.
The Simplicity Principle Small Biz organizing system

Stylish organizing system customized to the Small Biz

Simplicity means always knowing where you're at in your Biz. The Simplicity Principle filing system is an organizing tool for your Small Biz receipts and papers along with a handy glossary all wrapped up in a stylish updated look to fit your sense of style. Easy filing of year-end taxes by Tax professional/Accountant with all totals already listed in categories and details quickly accessible, inside the envelopes, for review.  A saving of at least $200.
Get your Tax in gear

Tax Services

Simplicity is working with someone who understands your business. After struggling to find year-end tax services that fit our Small Biz clients' needs AND budget, we decided to join in on the crazy fun world that is "Tax time". With years of training and on-going knowledge development, we ensure we are always the best answer for all your tax reporting needs. As a bookkeeping firm working exclusively with the Small Biz owners, you don't have to explain to us what your needs are. We know who you are and we know what you need. We will always be asking all the right questions and offering the best service.
Small Biz Bookkeeping Services

Smart Asset Mentorship – Bookkeeping services

Simplicity is talking to someone who speaks your language. We offer bookkeeping services that allow you to profitably grow with your amazing Small Biz by offering you tiered packages to support your accounting needs from the beginning, when you cannot afford to outsource but also cannot afford to lose track of your numbers, all the way to your successful you, too busy running you biz to worry about the accounting being done. All along, you get the best tool fitted to your needs and front of the line access to our expert knowledge every step of the way.  

Look who’s talking about it!

If we can reduce time spent on paperwork, avoid hours of headache and frustration around tax season then this product is a win-win in my eyes.”

Tamara Mcpherson, Wondermoms

I think this product is a necessity for any small business owner that doesn’t want to get bogged down on computer software to process some pretty simple transactions.”

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Categories are simplified and the overall use of The Simplicity Principle is SUPER EASY! The biggest thing of this is that it takes away the pain factor”


Oh, the coral goodness!!!   Confession…I was totally sceptical as to whether this pretty little package could really help me get my shhhhtuff together!”


I get too caught up chasing the new ideas and tight deadlines to worry about organizing my receipts and expenses…and I know I’m not alone! Chloe has made bookkeeping easier with this amazing tool to organize your accounting! It sure helps that it’s also a totally colourful, fun and simple filing system to use!”